Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January 2015

Hi, happy new year to you! It's very lucky I can still just about manage to post on my blog as there was a very nasty accident last night involving a cup of tea, a keyboard and a very repentant accidental offender. I'll try and type as long as I can, but the keys aren't so happy.

Aside from that, do have a look at Robin Houghton's blog. Robin has had a brill idea and conducting a regional poetry focus on different parts of the UK. She's beginning with Leicestershire and I'm featured and interviewed there along with other local luminaries. I cheated a bit and mentioned Notts a little too, but to be fair it's only 20 mins up the road from me. There's also a very nice picture of Larkin holding a bunny, so don't delay click here to enrich your cultural knowledge! Many thanks to Robin as it's an ambitious project and she's working hard on this.

There's also a poem by me, featured on Ink Sweat and Tears' 'Twelve Days of Christmas' feature. Thanks to Helen Ivory. I have to say there have been some very kind tweets and comments on line about it. Do have a look, there are some lovely poems here by a range of writers.

Thanks to those who read this blog. I sometimes look at the stats and am amazed at the range of readers from so many different countries. Have a great 2015.

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