Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Guardian Online

I found this the other week and was a very happy bunny to see my poem up on the Guardian online. Thank you, Colette Bryce for selecting my poem! Have a peek here:


Lyrical Lounging - September 17th 2011

Jess Mayhew and yours truly, Maria Taylor
I've been quiet of late. The last few weeks have seen me head down over a desk whenever the chance arises editing, reviewing and writing at the cost of enhancing my social life. However, last Saturday meant a trip down to Northampton to perform at the Lyric Lounge with CCC pamphlet winner, Jess Mayhew. Jess is a very talented discovery, at only 21 she writes with an authority and maturity which is quite startling. We both had an opportunity to share our work with a very receptive crowd. Ok, I had a cold and was dosed up with various superdrugs but it went well. The event was held at The Fishmarket, an art gallery which was indeed a fishmarket in years gone by. There were still a few marble tables where the fish were sold, to mark this. This intriguing and idiosyncratic arts venue is unfortunately going to be shut down next year. Not your best move Northamptonshire council, methinks. The venue was full of very eager and enthused artists, writers and performers and there was also a free lunch!

Jess and Maria
                  The 17th of September is also my dad's birthday. He turned 74, he won't be reading this blog as most of his reading matter consists of the sports pages, but Happy Birthday Papa!
There were felt tips, so I used them.
Another contribution by myself.