Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Reviews and all that

Having written and published a poetry collection there was one thing I forgot to take into account, reviews. I've written a lot of them in my time but reading reviews of my own book was an experience I wasn't quite prepared for. I generally read them between my fingers and hold my breath. Here are a few out there on the internet, I had a nice one in Orbis too.

This review on the Eyewear blog by Heidi Williamson was a dream, read it here.

Matthew Stewart wrote some nice things here as did Roy Marshall on the Guardian site here.

This review is on the Dr. Fulmiare site. I've taken on board some of the points about punctuation, read it here.

As an extra quirk here is my interview with the Athens Voice in Greek! There's a translate button for Englezi people. It reads quite oddly when it's translated into English by the way, read here.

While I'm copying and pasting like a maniac let's include a few more things. Here's David Morley's blog about how judging the T.S. Eliot prize and how he quite liked mine! Oh rapture.
Read it here.

And finally... at the risk of overdoing it all, although I did say in blog post #1 that I wanted to use a blog like a scrapbook, here's someone called Maria Taylor reading out some poems at Wordsmiths in Dec. By the way I can only watch footage of myself through my fingers too, but the production values are really good.

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