Monday, 28 November 2011

I'd like to thank...

I've been nominated for the Leibster blog award by Gary Longden, a lovely initiative to support bloggers with small but perfectly formed follower lists of less than 200. It's all described by Gary here:
I have to nominate some blogs of my own in turn.

1. Jess Mayhew's Drift Rook blog which is here: Jess Mayhew was one of the winners of the Crystal Clear Creators pamphlet competition and is a superb writer. She's one of those people who definitely worth keeping an eye on.

2. Left and to the Back: A music blog run by Dave Bryant, who is absolutely dedicated to sharing the best of the obscure. The sort of blog where you come across quirky records and is so well written too. Dave, funnily enough, is also a poet.

3. The Literary Critical Detective, by James Holden, here on a fascinating foray into the creative and the critical...

4. Laura Smith's Made by Lolly, here: very beautiful objects d'art for all to enjoy!

5. Jayne Stanton's lovely writing blog Poetic Licensee which is full of writing! The kind of thing I should do on my own blog really!

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  1. Many thanks for nominating my blog, Maria :)