Monday, 29 August 2011

Live from Neptune!

Hello world, I've been having many technological gripes at the moment. The television has had a nervous breakdown since the digital switch over and I can't watch 'Come Dine with Me' anymore. My record player's packed in and I refuse to accept that my video player's also suffering a similar fate.Yes I know these are ancient forms of technology for some, but to me they're so real in my heart. Plus the down key on my mobile no longer works. There's no money to fix this. I walked into an O2 shop completely bewildered by words like 'bluetooth' and vaguely aggressive sounding acronyms like 'SAR.' I scuttled away down the Cattle Market feeling rather left behind and I'm technically not that old, but all this upgrading is leaving me flummoxed.
                   Ironically, I've been watching things on the Internet, to cheer me up. Three loud hurrahs for the Internet, even most Luddites get it. If YouTube had existed when I was a teenager I would have probably exploded with excitement and spent my days glued to Smiths and Blur videos, emerging now and then, a pale-shade of yellow. So here's a scratchy demo recording probably made circa 1967-8, although it sounds as if it's being broadcast from Neptune.That's the Internet for you, it's spell-blindingly modern enough for a person to access the past and otherworldly items.


  1. Hi Maria, a version of this song appears in the Monkees film 'Head' (1968). I had it on Video for years and it's great. As I recall the film opens with Micky Dolenz jumping off a bridge and swimming with a porpoise. I love his vocal on it and the way it works in the film. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Hi! I'm glad you like it, I know the song and film too. This was the studio demo, back in the day when Carole King was writing songs for famous people, before she became famous herself. I just like the scratchiness of this and the Latin. Mx