Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why am I about to post this?

Dear Poem I am working on, yeah, you. You who are doing my head in this evening, a Saturday night no less. You have deliberately been playing games with me for over two weeks, why can't you be like some of your other friends, poems that miraculously write themselves. Oh no, you don't wanna play that game, you lack magic, grace, you feel like prose. You are starting to get on my wick, you so-called 'poem.' You are forcing me to write a highly questionable blog entry that I about to click send on and share with intelligent people world-wide. Sort it out!


  1. haha! I can totally identify with your frustration, Maria. I currently have an increasing number of so-called works in progress giving me the runaround. They are on the 'at risk' register for ousting to sub folders named 'unfinished' or 'dubious' (or both)...

  2. This is in some ways a silly post, but it comes from a genuine place! I just think it's a shame when you begin a piece with good intentions only to have them shrink with every draft.